Thoughts on the Stairs

May 12, 2020 – June 23, 2020
       Arts Foundation / Projects


Thoughts on the Stairs builds a theoretical communal studio, taking a chance passing on the stairwell as a prompt to ask after forms of shared architecture.

Four artistic practitioners co-create a theoretical communal studio over a period of six weeks. The artists work at home, using the material of the internet to construct the space for exchange.

The communal artist studio offers an abundance of chance encounters and haphazard interactions which animate the shared environment of artistic production. There are moments of connection and reciprocal exchange, and a place to be alone, in proximity to others.

Artistic work in a distributed climate can limit interstitial encounters, as meetings become ever more scheduled and curated, through online platforms and smart workplaces.

What kinds of conversations occur in the kitchen, over a cup of tea, passing a colleague in the passage, or absorbed in the reading room? How can artists facilitate placemaking and proximity while working in a geographically distributed context?

Recognising that different architectural spaces suggest differing applications of time, and protocols for engagement with others, the theoretical communal studio becomes a place to contemplate community; the ways in which idiosyncratic and divergent pursuits co-exist within a common commitment to artistic practice and research.


Ofri Cnaani
Nolan Dennis
Anthea Moys
Josh Ginsburg

heeten bhagat