Thinking Afrofuturism as a Speculative Heresy: A seminar by Kodwo Eshun

April 2, 2015
       Arts Foundation / Projects

'Thinking Afrofuturism as a Speculative Heresy' is an open seminar held by Kodwo Eshun – theorist, writer artist and co-founder of the Otolith Group.

"The afternoon will take two parts, to begin with, we’ll play a video from 2010, called Hydrodecapita, which is about 33 minutes or so, and when that finishes I’ll give a presentation which is called ‘Thinking Afrofuturism as a Speculative Heresy’. 

And then, hopefully we can have a conversation which can take either, as a reference point, either some aspects of the video or some aspects of the talk, or actually what is more compelling to me, your own thinking around the notion of afrofuturism. Your own critiques, your own ways of thinking of the possibilities, the legacies, the productive potential, the antipathies, the antagonisms, the ambivalences, the entire range of engagements that you bring to what we know as afrofuturism now. What its future directions might be, what its tendencies might be."

Opening remarks from Kodwo Eshun at "Thinking Afrofuturism as a Speculative Heresy"


Michaelis School of Fine Arts (UCT)

Special thanks:
Emily Pethick
Nancy Dantas

Centre for Curating the Archive (CCA)
The Showroom (London)