Teaching Teachers

February 21, 2019
Ground floor
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Teaching Teachers: a participatory artwork by Christian Nerf.

Teaching Teachers is a participatory artwork that involves an individual (teacher) sharing a drawing technique devised by the artist Christian Nerf with an interested student. On completion, the student becomes a teacher, and the work continues generatively.

'This action is carried out spontaneously in any location. By using this drawing technology of mine to engage with people I am attempting to create a space of common ground in which we all walk away being on top - once you have been taught a lesson you are a teacher and can choose to teach. Thus far I have over 300 drawings in my archive from interactions with strangers, colleagues, tutors and friends. With this experiment I set out to (i) democratise this relatively unique technique, (ii) demystify drawing as a thing that only artists do and (iii) decommodify the artwork allowing its intrinsic value - as a thinking tool - to reemerge.' - Christian Nerf

Teaching Teachers occurred at Museum Night, an annual event designed to encourage exploration of the Cape Town museums and cultural institutions after hours and free of charge.

Museum Night South Africa is an initiative of Thursday Projects. Iziko Museums South Africa is a founding partner.


Christian Nerf

Nisha von Carnap

Sahlah Davids
Vanessa Chen

Christian Nerf
Teaching Teachers
2016 - ongoing
Graphite drawing on paper
/ participatory action
Dimensions variable