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Curated by Josh Ginsburg
October 25, 2018 - January 24, 2019
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1. David Goldblatt
Stevedore, Durban,1953
Silver gelatin on fibre based paper

2. David Goldblatt
Photographer and client, Braamfontein. Johannesburg,1955
Silver gelatin on fibre based paper

3. David Goldblatt

A plot-holder with the daughter of his servant, Wheatlands, Randfontein, 1962

4. David Goldblatt

A plot-holder, his wife and their eldest son at lunch, Wheatlands, Randfontein, 1962

5. David Goldblatt
The commando of The National Party stalwarts which escorted prime minister and National Party leader Hendrik Verwoerd and his wife Betsie to the party’s 50th anniversary celebrations at de Wildt, Transvaal, 1964

7. David Goldblatt
Cafe de Move-On, Croesus, 1964

8. David Goldblatt
Picnic at Hartebeespoort Dam on New Year’s Day, Transvaal (North-West Province), 1965

9. David Goldblatt
Miners’ bunks in the abandoned Chinese compound, so called because it probably housed indentured Chinese labourers between 1904 and 1910, after which it accommodated black miners. Simmer & Jack Gold Mine, Germiston, 1965

10. David Goldblatt
Farmers at a cattle auction, Vryburg, Cape Province, 1965

11. David Goldblatt
“Lashing” shovels retrieved from underground. Every grain of sand in the yellow tailings dumps that made the Witwatersrand landscape and every grain of gold that made its wealth, came from a rock off a black man’s shovel underground. Central Salvage Yard, Randfontein Estates, Randfontein, 1966

12. David Goldblatt
Homage to Federico Fellini: while in traffic, 1967

13. David Goldblatt
Policeman in a squad car on Church Square, Pretoria (Tshwane), Transvaal (Gauteng), 1967

14. David Goldblatt
The last of the bigger rocks has just been dropped into a kibble. Now with shovels, the team ‘lashes’ (load) the small stuff into the kibble, 1969

15. David Goldblatt
Margaret Mcingana who later became famous as the singer Margaret Singana, Zola, Soweto, 1970

16. David Goldblatt
Drum majorette, Cup final, Orlando Stadium, Soweto, 1972

18. David Goldblatt
Young men with dompas (an identity document that every African had to carry), White City, Jabavu, Soweto, 1972

19. David Goldblatt
Bus stop, Derby Road, Lorentzville, Johannesburg. December, 1973

21. David Goldblatt
Woman smoking, Fordsburg, Johannesburg, 1975

23. David Goldblatt
Spec housing and children on the veld at Parkrand, 1979

24. David Goldblatt
Saturday afternoon in Sunward Park, Boksburg, 1979

25. David Goldblatt
On the corner of Commissioner and Eloff Streets, 1979

26. David Goldblatt
Saturday morning at the corner of Commissioner and Trichardt Streets, Boksburg, 1980

27. David Goldblatt
At a meeting of the Voortrekkers in the suburb of Whitfield, Boksburg, 1980

28. David Goldblatt
A girl and her mother at home, Boksburg, 1980

29. David Goldblatt
At a meeting of the Worker-Management Liaison Committee of the Colgate-Palmolive company, Boksburg, 1980

30. David Goldblatt
Methodists meet to find ways of reducing the racial, cultural and class barriers that divide them, 1980

31. David Goldblatt
Saturday morning at the Hypermarket: Semi-final of the Miss Lovely Legs Competition, 1980

32. David Goldblatt
In a family outfitting store, Boksburg, 1980

33. David Goldblatt
Hypermarket employee collecting trolleys, Boksburg, 1980

34. David Goldblatt
Girl in her new tutu on the stoep, 1980

35. David Goldblatt
Dancing-master Ted van Rensburg watches two of his ballroom pupils, swinging to a record of Victor Sylvester and his Orchestra, in the MOTHS’ Hall at the old Court House, Boksburg, 1980

36. David Goldblatt
Before the fight: amateur boxing at the Town Hall, Boksburg, 1980

37. David Goldblatt
The monument at left celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Republic of South Africa. The one at right is to J G Strijdom, militant protagonist of White supremacy and of an Afrikaner republic, who died in 1958. At rear is the headquarters building of Volkskas (‘The People’s Bank’) founded in 1934 to mobilise Afrikaner capital and to break the monopoly of the ‘English’ banks. Pretoria, 1982

38. David Goldblatt
Sitting next to each other, strangers often become intertwined in sleep, 1983

39. David Goldblatt
Fifteen-year old Lawrence Matjee after his assault and detention by the Security Police, Khotso House, de Villiers Street, 1985

41. David Goldblatt
A new shack under construction, Lenasia Extension 9, Johannesburg, 1990

42. David Goldblatt
Domestic worker's afternoon off, Sunninghill, Sandton, 1999

43. David Goldblatt
Freedom Square: here, in the time of apartheid, on 26 June 1955, under harassment by the police, some 3000 people of all races, from all over South Africa, gathered in a Congress of the People and adopted the Freedom Charter, a template for the governance of a non-racial, democratic South Africa. The Charter became the basis of South Africa’sdemocratic constitution. Kliptown, Soweto, Johannesburg, 2003

44. David Goldblatt
Boorgat is die Antwoord, De Brak, on the Fraserburg-Sutherland road, Western Cape, 2007

45. David Goldblatt
At Kevin Kwanele’s Takwaito Barber. Lansdowne Road, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, 2007

46. David Goldblatt
Deserted farm. Holgatsfontein in the Leeukopspan area, between Britstown and Vosburg, Northern Cape, 2008

47. David Goldblatt
The sports field, Merweville, 2009

48. David Goldblatt
Refugees from Zimbabwe and refugees from Xenophobic attacks on the Witwatersrand given shelter in the Central Methodist Church, Johannesburg, 2009