Parallel Play

June 6, 2018 - September 27, 2018
1st floor

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What is the relationship between works of art and the processes involved in making them? 'Parallel Play' hosts a series of temporary studios in the A4 gallery. This invites a discursive exploration between artists and visitors as witness and participant to the flow between the making and the made.

The project title is lifted from a conception of early childhood game play that differentiates between ‘imaginative’ and ‘parallel’ forms of relation. In imaginative play, children perform within a shared narrative framework – for example ‘king & queen’ or ‘cops & robbers’. 'Parallel play' accounts for circumstances where children perform different, self-determined activities in the same space whilst acknowledging the presence of the other in the shared domain (one is playing blocks for example, while the other draws).

What is the generative potential of such forms of independent play, where different processes are performed in close proximity to one another?

Within the context of arts practices, imaginative play can be mapped onto strategies of collaboration or collectivism. In these instances, practitioners reside and generate within a communal value set or mission. The individual acts in service of the group.

This offers a modal alternative to the modernist conception of the artist as a hermetic agent of unique and uncompromising vision.

'Parallel Play' wonders after the intersection of these framings. Modeling off the communal studio, the A4 gallery becomes a site of both the individual pursuit and communal exchange / cross-pollination.

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Gretchen Andrew
Haroon Gunn-Salie
Rodan Kane Hart
Kyle Morland
Bad Paper
Jo Ractliffe
Jonah Sack
Mawande Zenzile