Arts Foundation / Projects



– Ernest Mancoba Symposium: A dialogue on his art and words
– Masters of Architecture Graduate Exhibition
– Karoo – Land of Thirst
– Finissage: Ikhono LaseNatali
– Informal Interface
– Bonolo Kavula presents 'Art Times'
– Polite Force
– Summer School with Christian Nerf
SPOOR by Roger Palmer
– Open Book Festival 2019
– Bare Stories
– How We Listen Determines What We Hear
– Studio Talks with Sukuma Mkhize
– Unfinished Business
Colourful Erasure
Provoke: A lecture by Matt S Witkovsky
Selective Hearing
The Truth Shall Bloom
A Presentation by Dan Perjovschi
Everyone is Present: Essays on Photography, Memory and Family
CAS Summit: Private in the Public Realm -Towards New Alliances
Data Science Intensive (DIS)
On Curating: Institutions and their Social Fabrics
Open Book 2018
NRNA launch
The Black Lunch Table
Algorithmic Temporalities of the Neocolony: the Case of African Mathematics
Dream Works
Artificial Intelligence JEDI
Digital Technology
Kids Art Collective (Radical Library)
Shabaka and the Ancestors
A Game Show Double Bill: J Bobs presented by Kiri Pink Nob
August House is Dead, Long Live August House!
Open Book 2017
3rd Space Symposium
Storied Woman
Between Space & Time
Kids Art Collective
Future Nostalgia ft. João Orecchia & Special Guests
Thinking Afrofuturism as a Speculative Heresy: A seminar by Kodwo Eshun
Emily Pethick at Atlantic House