Katharien de Villiers: Circle Series

April 21, 2020
       Arts Foundation / Projects


An online seminar brings together artists and art workers to engage Katharien de Villiers on her process.

Katharien de Villiers is the first artist to participate in the Circle Series. From sculpture to painting, and installation, the seminar reveals the ‘patina of time’ on the works, surreal symbolism, Afrikaans onomatopoeia and collage constructed from hybrid memories.

“I remember the engineer’s table my father worked at, covered in koki and pencil lines, a layering of possible trajectories which accumulated over time.”

Paying close attention to what is hidden and taken for granted, the paintings are layered and talkative. Arenas of colour give dimension to a body of work which often projects into the gallery space, entrusting the ordinary with authority, and evincing a romance with the mundane.

In South Africa during lockdown, only essential food and medical supplies have been available for sale and purchase, necessitating a new look at materials and colours; a reassessment of previously overlooked tubes of paint.

sound blindness | opening date tbc

About Circle Series

The programme invites an emerging artist to work alongside an emerging curator at A4 to build an exhibition in A4’s library. The location of the library (as site of knowledge, learning, as well as exchange) is intended to play a role in the staging of the work. The A4 team is available to support the artist through this exercise in exhibition making; writing an artistic statement, and providing the experience of working within an arts institution.


Katharien de Villiers

Nisha von Carnap