In Your Place

Curated by Pippa Hetherington 
July 11, 2019 - August 1, 2019
Ground Floor

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Graduate Show: 2019 Bard MFA in Advanced Photographic Studies from the International Centre of Photography (ICP), New York exhibit their work at the A4 Arts Foundation, Cape Town.

Through image-making, the exhibition asks after the multiple meanings of ‘home/homeward’. The parameters of 'home' are explored as a physical as well as psychological construct, in memory, from history and idea, and as a place of personal sanctuary. From global immigrants and refugees, to local communities and individuals seeking safety, pivotal questions concerning the identity of 'home' emerge from the query.

In New York, at The Baxter St at the Camera Club, the graduates stage a simultaneous exhibition. This parallel show explores ‘body’ and ‘identity’, and is intended to connect artists and audiences in a cross-continental exchange.

“This will be a unique opportunity for artists and audiences to communicate in real-time across the globe. This novel concept builds an aspiration to invite inclusivity," writes curator and graduate, Pippa Hetherington.

The ICP-MFA graduates are a group of twelve visual artists from South Africa, India, Taiwan, Japan, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and the US. The MFA programme has seen the artists working alongside one another over two years in New York, sharing curious and communal questions about home.

The exhibition consists of a collection of photographic prints (scans, archival pigment, laser) and video-work.

As part of the exhibition, Hetherington facilitates a communal and experimental encounter with the concept of 'home'. This exchange takes place around the artworks from the show, exhibited in A4's library.

"Spending time connecting with the pieces; reflecting on what took us close or pushed us away; what felt resolved; and, what felt disorientating, our response culminated in a collective poem" (Pippa Hetherington).


Pippa Hetherington

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