Gian Maria Tosatti

February 1, 2019 - April 30, 2019
Top floor
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Artist in Residence Gian Maria Tosatti

During his three month residency at A4, Gian Maria Tosatti continues to research and preparare for a trio of exhibitions in three museums in Europe: La Galleria Nazionale (Rome - Italy), the FRAC Grand Large – Haute France (Dunkerque - France) and the De la Warr Pavilion (Bexhillon-Sea – UK).

The project New Men’s Land focuses on the ‘Jungle of Calais’ a city founded and built by refugees and migrants and European citizens in the north of France. Having worked in the city for a year, Tosatti recognised it as an exemplar of integration – people of widely different origins living together – and a vision of a new Europe seemed palpable. But the French government destroyed the city in its entirety, erasing every trace of its existence (even artificially changing the landscape of the area).

In Cape Town, and in close proximity to District 6, Tosatti seeks to prepare a prologue for his project while negotiating the shadow of the location's history of forced removals, and the possibilities that emerge from this intersection.

Tosatti's residency is made possible by the generous award from the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Italian Cultural Institute in South Africa.


Nisha von Carnap

Italian Ministry of Culture
Italian Cultural Institute in South Africa