Dream Works

April 7, 2018
Ground floor
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A exploratory exchange directed at Dream Works, a project planned for the fall of 2019 in Bergen Norway.

"A day of conversations about dreams and gentle one-on-one informal experiments with exchanging art via telepathy, small games, thought experiments etc."

Dream Works is an art fair prototype introducing forms of acquisition and circulation appropriate for the diverse manifestations of art practices today.

Dream Works envisages artworks as material dreams whose conscious or subconscious transactions and transferences assert new ways of socializing and disseminating artistic practices.

Dream Works highlights the various implications of artworks, for and in their dreamers: the patron, spectator, bystander, participant, collector, curator or the artist themselves.

Initiated by Galerie founders Simon Asencio and Adriano Wilfert Jensen in collaboration with Weekend Server, Dream Works is a commercial forum and temporary exhibition format for artworks and institutions that reexamine structures of support, diffusion, acquisition and mediation. With its first edition planned to take place in Bergen in the fall of 2019, Dream Works aims to institute a new generation of commercial art fairs, stimulating new economies for artworks that challenge their own conventions.

Weekend Server creates alternative contexts for the circulation of art, collaborating with artists and other organisations to realize conditions of manifestation that do not yet exist in the established institutional landscape. The structure of Weekend Server adjusts to the needs of the project.


Anthea Buys
Simon Asencio
Adriano Wilfert Jensen
Sean O'Toole
Francis Burger

Weekend Server


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