Bubblegum Club

May 18, 2020 – July 17, 2020
       Arts Foundation / Projects


Bubblegum Club participates in A4's first Distributed Residency, in which the artists work from home, with support from the foundation.

As members of A4’s team work in a distributed mode, the foundation becomes an imagined interlocutor as Bubblegum Club joins A4 on a distributed residency.

City Deep is the working title for the residency, which takes place over two months and uses commercial signage in the local, urban CBD to imagine alternate perspectives of the city. The project reads and reuses street imagery to explore the desires and possibilities contained within the cityscape, advancing the notion of daily life as an artistic experience. Where City Deep interacts with virtual art spaces and galleries, these are imagined as places for the experiences of collective leisure and joy.

A4 offers the participating artists access to an extensive network of trans-disciplinary practitioners. Opportunity for regular engagement and contact with the A4 team is encouraged and enabled through smart online work spaces, a work grant, and production support.

About Bubblegum Club

Bubblegum Club is a cultural organisation based in Johannesburg with a multi-faceted approach to working that is inspired by experimental forms, without being restricted to exclusive spaces.

Bubblegum Club pays homage in name to the rich legacy of 80s’s Bubblegum Music which combined cutting edge technology with local and international influences to make electronic music that was both wildly successful and playfully avant garde. The aim is to update this legacy of popular modernism for a new reality of network culture and hyperstimulation. Populist, but without pandering to the vacuity of dominant celebrity culture, Bubblegum Club champions the treasures that may be lost in the pursuit of the next social media fix.


Jamal Nxedlana
Lindi Mngxitama
Christopher McMichael
Lex Trickett

Nisha von Carnap